September 8, 2016

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If you are looking for the best source of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions in the market, you have come to the right place! is one of the leading Whatsapp Marketing Providers in the industry that offers high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as software, tools, scripts and many others. If you’re looking to apply bulk Whatsapp Marketing to promote your own products and services, come to us and we will help you all the way!

Whatsapp Marketing

Let me ask you something.

Why did you decide to venture into business? Was it to answer a “calling”, to achieve financial freedom, to earn a living?

Whatever the case, we know that you have landed in this page in the hopes of getting a solution that will enable you to connect with your audience more effectively. Ultimately, you wanted to succeed in gaining more clients so you could increase your income. The answer is affirmative, right?

Well guess what? We are all board with you on that!

We at loved nothing but to help you succeed in your business through Bulk Whatsapp Marketing. Let us help you, please. Are you unsure as to how?  Simply contact us by filling up the form provided below and we’ll get back to you as promptly as we could.

Whatsapp Marketing has been responsible for changing the lives of many people, us included. And we are more than thrilled to have you here as that only meant you are open to the idea of applying bulk Whatsapp Marketing in your brand or business.

About us is composed of seasoned Whatsapp Marketing experts that have been developing many types of Whatsapp Marketing solutions such as different Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels, Whatsapp Senders, scripts and many such tools. We have developed such Whatsapp Marketing solutions to answer your call for a tool that will help you better connect with your audience through your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns.

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider that provides accurate Whatsapp Marketing Solutions to your every marketing needs; we also provide instant support. In fact with every Whatsapp Marketing Software that you purchase from us, we also provide you with instant database support. So not only will you enjoy using high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions from us but also have a list of numbers you can send your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns into. Call this an early birthday present or Christmas present or whatever occasion present from us to you!

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we work hard on developing Whatsapp Marketing Solutions so that you will have greater chances of achieving success through Whatsapp Marketing. We will provide you additional materials such as webinars, updates and other Whatsapp Marketing Materials that will help increase your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer. Ultimately, we are gravitating towards us becoming “friends” by not only offering you high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but also giving you tips and advices about how to better increase your profits.

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we are serious about providing you support and guidance so you too could achieve success in your business. Ultimately we want you to become financially free so you get to enjoy life not only as a business man but as a human being as well. Get more to life by delegating your Whatsapp Marketing efforts to our products!

Why we are the best at what we do

We have used other forms of marketing strategies to promote products and services but so far, Whatsapp Marketing yielded much faster results. In our era nowadays that is wrought with fascination about maximizing time and effort, we feel it is high time that we adopt the tool that would heed the needs of business owners and professionals that is time sensitive. Through Whatsapp Marketing, not only will you have the perfect tool to connect with your audience but you will also have total dominion over you marketing campaigns, allowing you more value of your time!

We are not new at the concept of people becoming more and more conscious about time management so we feel that through Whatsapp Marketing; not only will you have a chance to promote your products and services to your prospects but also allow them to respond to your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns as fast as possible. With people having their smartphones always on their person, sending your marketing campaigns have never been so easy and convenient!

Our competitors

We acknowledge the presence of other Whatsapp Marketing Providers that may well be offering lower priced Whatsapp Marketing Solutions as compared to us. What we can guarantee that most of them don’t have is our reputation of honesty and integrity which we had painstakingly built for the last few years.

Since we had established our company, we have been unwavering in our duty to develop only high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that accurately address your needs. As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we go beyond our call of duty by providing you intensive support so you too could achieve success through Whatsapp Marketing like us and all our clients.

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we are not obsessed about making money but we are obsessed about making you happy with our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions!

Whatsapp as a marketing tool for a business

As a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create loyalty program to their existing ones, Whatsapp rose up from being a simple chat messaging application to one of the most sought after mode of communication among people.

As of January this year, we learned that Whatsapp now reached 990 million active users from 900 million of September last year. That goes to show that despite the emergence of other chat application in the industry such as Viber, Wechat and Line, Whatsapp continue to dominate the market as the top communication tool among people of the world.

This is no surprise why many marketers choose Whatsapp as the primary tool for communicating marketing campaigns to their prospect clients! Picture having a very compelling Whatsapp Marketing campaign in your employ; through our reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels, you can send tons of Whatsapp messages to around 990 million people! Talk about magnanimous amount of prospects, right?

People usually respond to products and services depending on how compelling these goods and services are being marketed to them. If you’re gunning to attract your prospects into buying your products, you must learn how to tap them on an emotional level.

To illustrate:

Company ABC is using Whatsapp to send message containing link of site bringing targeted audience to a page about a certain product or service. When the form is filled up, Company ABC will gain information of what their target audience really wants or needs. Afterwards, they will work on their products or services with due respect on the information that their targeted market gave them.

It is simple as having the right kind of information about your target market and using that same information to attract them to avail of your products or services. To achieve that, you need our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions to send out those messages that contains questions about their preference.

Practical uses of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing:

Our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions are not only goof for data gathering. You can also utilize Bulk Marketing for other uses. We listed the following examples:

  1. Stock market updates and alerts
    You can use Whatsapp to keep your audience informed about stock market updates and alerts.
  2. Discount and offer alerts
    You can send alert notifications to your targeted audience to help entice them to buy or avail your products and services.
  3. Reminders for appointments or events
    You can send reminders to your targeted audience to keep them abreast of important appointment or events which will be a great help to foster their “trust” towards your company.
  4. Holiday deals and promotions
    Holiday deals and promotions is a great way to help boost your income as most people are inclined to splurge during holidays. Letting them know about your holiday deals and promotions will serve as enticements and that is one of the best ways to promote your company’s products and services.
  5. Product launch and product offer alerts
    Informing your targeted clients about your product launch and other product offer alerts is also one of the best ways to improve the profitability of your business. When targeted people are informed about your company events and they happen to like what your company is offering, the likelihood that you will gain following will be there.
  6. Merchandise alerts
    We have the tendency to feel “important” when people let us know first about the availability of certain products which they knew we would like to own or avail. You can take advantage of this emotional need by sending your clients and prospect about the arrival of certain merchandise in your company; which would spark their need to be the “first” few who have bought this particular merchandise.
  7. WhatsApp Messages based surveys
    You can directly gather information or census about a certain commodity, be it yours or the competitor, by sending your targeted audience Whatsapp messages based surveys. This will help your company grasp what your audience thought about certain commodities which will serve as basis to improve your own products and services.
  8. Promotions for Spas, Salons, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs
    This is specifically for specialty-businesses like spas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Let your patrons or targeted audience know about promotions and other attractive deals like 20% off on certain hours, tied in services (example: massage with free foot spa) and many others that will help foster your income.
  9. Promote your professional services whether you are a doctor, lawyer, consultant, real estate broker, etc.
    Send broadcast messages to people about your professional services and let them know that you’re available for business.

There are many other practical ways you can think of in using our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. To be honest, the possibilities are endless! Only your imagination is the limit. Avail of our products and services now and get started on raking more income! Contact us now for more details or simply fill in the form provided below.

Let’s get started! What say you?

We couldn’t stress enough the value of being up to date with the latest trend in promoting products and services. It must not come as a surprise to you now that foregoing this opportunity does not only put you in the category of “mentally challenged” (stupid) but also bad for your business. Elect to apply bulk Whatsapp Marketing in your business now! Contact us to know how to get started.

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