September 8, 2016

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite

If you’re still trying to find the suitable Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will help you better communicate with your prospect and existing clients, then try our Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp!

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is our most robust Whatsapp Marketing Solution which will enable you to send massive Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages to your prospect and existing clients. With this Bulk Whatsapp Suite, you can now promote your goods and services better when you leverage Whatsapp Marketing to your business.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite

This Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp is the most robust Whatsapp Marketing Solution we have developed so far. Download Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite now and start connecting to a wider audience through Whatsapp Marketing.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is a Whatsapp Marketing Suite that serves as another good option to pair up with your Whatsapp Channels. Start sending your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns by downloading Bulk Whatsapp Sender now and witness your profits increase for a thousand folds!

If you’re planning to launch a new product or business to your list of contacts, the best way possible is to employ Whatsapp Marketing. Using our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Suite, you can tap on more people found in Whatsapp community and you can start sending promotional messages immediately!

Below is the list of product features of Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite:

Product Features:

  1. Access to All Whatsapp Numbers on a Global scale
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite allows you to tap on more people allowing increase in the income potential of your business. Connect with more people wherever they are located in the world by using our Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp and witness the significant increase of your clients!
  2. Ability to send videos, audio and images for Free
    Since Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite primarily works on Whatsapp, you can also compose and send not only text but also videos, audio and images to your list of Whatsapp contacts for free! The possibility of creating more attractive Whatsapp Marketing Campaign messages is endless when you use this Whatsapp Marketing Suite!
    Unlike SMS Messaging that limits your character parameters to a measly 160, you can compose and send longer marketing campaign messages for free! If you’re still using SMS Messaging in the promotion of your goods and services, now is the high time to ditch that marketing strategy and start using Whatsapp Marketing instead!
  3. Greater Mobility
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite allows you to communicate with your list of contacts wherever and whenever you want! Either you are at home sipping coffee or looking through the display of goods in the department store, you can still send promotional messages to your list of clients. This is great marketing strategy at your fingertips!
  4. Immediate Response Mechanism
    This Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Suite has the ability to receive replies from your Whatsapp contacts. This feature is a great help when you want to determine whether your Whatsapp Marketing campaign is effective or not by gauging the response you get from your prospects.
  5. Worry-Free Marketing
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite offers a greater advantage than other mobile marketing such as SMS Messaging. Listed below are the reasons why you need to switch from SMS Messaging to Whatsapp Messaging:

    • You can send messages that are longer than 160 characters – compose and send longer messages with Whatsapp messaging unlike SMS Messaging where you need to pay additional cost if you exceed 160 characters.
    • You can send messages with text, audio, video, Vcard, image and even a combination of these platforms unlike SMS Messaging where you are limited to text only.
    • You can connect with anybody wherever they may be in the world. Unlike SMS Messaging that requires you to pay fees, Whatsapp only require you to get connected through the Internet and you can start communicating with anybody you wished without paying for any fees.
  6. Economical (Time and Money)
    As mentioned on the list of reasons why Whatsapp Messaging is better than SMS Messaging, this bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp allow you to save precious monetary resources. With Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite, you can communicate with anybody however frequently you wished and all for paying nothing in return!
  7. Marketing at a Global Scale but with Lesser Price
    Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite allows you to connect with approximately 990 million people in the world (based on Whatsapp active users as of January 2016)! You only need to pay a one-time fee of $___ in exchange for this Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp and you can start sending unlimited messages to other Whatsapp users!

We have developed this new Bulk Whatsapp Suite to address your need of a Whatsapp Marketing Solution of a robust variety. With this Whatsapp Marketing suite, you can now send massive WhatsApp Messages with text, image, video, GPS Location & contact files based messages to your multitude of WhatsApp contacts/ users located anywhere in the world.

Avail of our company offer now before stock runs out!

Our world today provided us with many opportunities to increase our income through Whatsapp Marketing. In fact, Whatsapp Marketing is now considered as the most effective tool that will help you gain more profits by its ability to attract more clients through your compelling Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns.

Leverage our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Suite and take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing now! Start communicating your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your list of Whatsapp contacts by choosing Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite as your primary tool!

Only avail quality Whatsapp Marketing Software from one of the best Whatsapp Marketing Providers in the industry! Not only will our software generate more hot leads and prospects for you but it will also safeguard your Whatsapp Channels!

As we have revealed, we needed two essential components before you can run an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign. Listed below are these two components along with their corresponding definition:

Requirements for an effective Whatsapp Marketing Campaign and its definition:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing software
    This is the Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will enable you to send massive amount of Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users for free. Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite is a prime example of Whatsapp Marketing Software that will enable you to compose and send Whatsapp messages with text, audio, image, video, and many more to other Whatsapp users located anywhere in the world. Also with this Bulk Marketing Suite for Whatsapp, you can reply immediately through Whatsapp, be able to filter numbers, edit Whatsapp Channel profile, and import Whatsapp numbers and many more.
    We offer a variety of Whatsapp Marketing software and each software offer different features. Like Bulk Whatsapp Sender Sender Suite, you can connect with anybody who is located in the world whenever and wherever you may be. However in essence, all of Whatsapp Marketing Software offer you the ability to send massive amount of Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    Whatsapp Channels are also called Whatsapp Senders or Whatsapp ID’s. This other component before running an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign are pre-activated Whatsapp numbers which are used to send messages of text, image, audio, video, Vacrd or a combination of these platforms to other Whatsapp users located in the world. You can also perform other automation activities through Whatsapp Channels such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others. Whatsapp Senders are pre-registered online via a Whatsapp registration tool.
    Speaking of Whatsapp Channels, our company is also offering high quality and reliable Whatsapp Channels that you can use to send massive Whatsapp promotional messages to your lists of prospects. If you’re interested to buy Whatsapp Channels, please check our list of prices here (insert link of Whatsapp Channel price list).
    We offer both basic and protected Whatsapp Channels, resetting and reviving your blocked Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders. Click on the link provided to see the complete list of prices.

Going back to Whatsapp Marketing Software, we can use Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite for variety of reasons.

You can utilize this Bulk Whatsapp Suite if you want a better way to connect with your list of Whatsapp contacts. If you are a business owner or professional aiming to maximize profits, you can download Bulk Whatspp sender and use it immediately to send promotional messages to other Whatsapp users.  You can also utilize this Whatsapp Marketing Suite for Whatsapp to communicate with your team, friends and even loved ones.

There is no limit to the benefits you can gain out of using Bulk whatsapp Sender Suite. Contact us now so you can start applying Whatsapp Marketing in your business! Fill in the form provided below or contact us through details specified at the end of this article!

Grab this golden opportunity now and experience increase in profits that you’ve never enjoyed before! With our Whatsapp Marketing Suite, you can rest easy on spending countless money on costly advertising expenses. Create your own Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages now and prepare to be amazed!

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