September 8, 2016

WhatsApp Bulk Sender

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Are you looking for the perfect Whatsapp Bulk Sender that will enable you to send multitude of messages to thousands of Whatsapp users?

Are you looking for the perfect Bulk Whatsapp Sender that will help prolong the life of your Whatsapp Channels?

If so, then try our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software!

Bulk Whatsapp Sender is your most trusted Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will enable you to send thousands of Whatsapp messages that promotes your products and services! With our software’s ability to use multiple proxy IP addresses, you now have the assurance that your Whatsapp Channels won’t be banned! Feel confident about sending your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns because you now have our bulk Whatsapp Sender Software in your disposal!

Whatsapp as an effective marketing tool

If you’re still struggling at the notion of Whatsapp Marketing as the most effective tool to connect with your prospect and existing clients, then read on. What we have to say will blow your minds and will change how you do your business!

It is common knowledge that Whatsapp is the most preferred chat messaging application used by many people in communicating with their friends and loved ones. This is primarily because of the number of advantages it has over SMS Messaging. These advantages are also the chief reasons why many marketers preferred Whatsapp as their tool to connect with their targeted audience. With Whatsapp, they can promote their products/ services to their prospect clients and establish rapport with their existing ones.

The strength of Whatsapp as a messaging tool got cemented further when Facebook purchased it last 2014. In fact, the sale was noted as the most expensive purchase that FB had undertaken so far. Facebook is a social media giant. If they are compelled to buy Whatsapp, it only meant that Whatsapp is viewed as a very promising commodity that is well worth the $19 billion it took to have it. If that doesn’t convince you of Whatsapp’s power, then you have no reason to continue reading this article. Otherwise, open your mind at the possibility of adapting Whatsapp Marketing to increase your profits!

What is Whatsapp BulkSender?

This Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software is our call for the need of merchants for a perfect tool that will allow them to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Send bulk Whatsapp messages to other thousands of Whatsapp users in one go
  2. Enable to super target your Whatsapp Marketing campaign so that only potential clients are tapped
  3. Allow you to take advantage of Whatsapp and help increase your income.

Our company was established to provide various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Whatsapp Bulk Sender that will help people compose and send messages to thousands of potential clients. This high quality Bulk Whatsapp Messenger is packed with many features and is perfect for small scale businesses who wished to take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender cost us many grueling hours as we have worked on perfecting this product. This Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software is designed to empower small businesses to use Whatsapp to get connected with their clients and prospects.

In our wide variety of high quality Whatsapp Marketing solutions available, Bulk Whatsapp Sender is one of the best Bulk Whatsapp Messenger that is available which surpasses the quality of other solutions being offered by our competitors. Among the advantages of using Whatsapp Bulk Sender is:

  1. Ability to add unlimited WhatsApp channels
  2. You can filter numbers that are active on Whatsapp
  3. You can send future dated WhatsApp messages
  4. Many other uses.

Earlier, we mentioned that SMS Messaging pale in comparison to Whatsapp. The following reasons justify that:

  1. Whatsapp could reach out to other Whatsapp Users located at whatever part of the world without any extra cost. Connect through the Internet, launch Whatsapp application and you’re good to go!
  2. Whatsapp allow you to compose messages of text, image, video, audio, Vcard, GPS locations and even a combination of these platforms without any additional cost
  3. Whatsapp is downloadable in any major mobile platform such as android, iOs, Blackberry, and many others.

When you’re in need of a solution that lets you send promo messages (Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages) to your target audience, Bulk Whatsapp Sender is a Whatsapp Marketing Solution that can deliver that task.

Whatsapp Marketing is such an attractive opportunity that many marketers are now switching from SMS Marketing to using Whatsapp in marketing the different goods and services of their business.

Whatsapp Marketing and your business:

If you’re gunning for longevity in your business, it is essential that you tune in to the latest mode of marketing. This will enable you to compete with others as different factors such as “demand” is very fickle. What works years ago might not work nowadays. This is why the sudden shift of SMS Messaging as the best way to promote products and services significantly declined nowadays. This trend will continue to go on as long as SMS Messaging doesn’t offer a new facet that would place Whatsapp Messaging useless.

It is also important to note that despite the emergence of other chat messaging applications such as Line, Viber and Wechat, Whatsapp continue to dominate the industry. In fact, the user base in Whatsapp now is 990 million as of January 2016. It rose from 900 million from September 2015.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing and promotion/ marketing campaign messages:

Bulk Whatsapp Sender will expedite the transfer of messages from you to your targeted audience. Send your promo messages through our bulk Whatsapp messenger and witness your profits grow exponentially!

Preparation is the key!

Have you ever wondered why may people only work on their marriage after they have said, “I do”? They only go to counseling, seminar and coaching only after they experience difficulties on their marriage.

If I am to say something about it, I think people should work on their marriage even BEFORE they got married! Confused? I think people should undergo marital counseling, seminar and coaching before even they meet their one true love!

My point is this: we all should be prepared.

Preparation is also important when you venture into business. So many business owners and professional only try to find solutions AFTER they have experienced problems in their business. We all need to remember that every wrong decision could be detrimental to our business. Just as marriage fail when we commit error; our business will also suffer when we exercise wrong judgment.

A valuable tip: choose the right Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software and you won’t go wrong with the rest! Avoid the heartbreak of trying other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that may well end up as problems in the long run! Seek the most reputable Whatsapp Marketing Provider available!

Just like the rest of our products and services, Whatsapp Bulk Sender is now being utilized by many business owners and professionals who wanted to apply Whatsapp Marketing in their business. Connect with your target market now!

The widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing is no longer surprising. Equally, we are not surprised with the emergence of various Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software developed by other Whatsapp Marketing Providers.

But all our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions are not only high quality, our company itself, is the best known provider in the market.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender and its Features

Bulk Whatsapp Sender is packed with numerous features that are designed and developed to make your life as a merchant easier. With Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you can now compose and send your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns and connect with your prospects/ existing clients easily. Below are the features of our Bulk Whatsapp Messenger:

  1. Add multiple WhatsApp numbers into the system
    With this Bulk Whatsapp Messenger, you have the ability to add as many Whatsapp numbers and use it to send as many Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users in whatever part of the world!
  2. Option to create different campaigns to different set of WhatsApp Numbers
    With Whatsapp Bulk Sender, you have the option to create different campaigns and program them to be sent in one go.
  3. Option to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses
    Our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software had an option that will allow you to use different Proxy IP addresses so that your Whatsapp numbers remained safe from getting banned by Whatsapp.

With our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software, you are now empowered to use Whatsapp Marketing and you can now reach out to your targeted audience. Conveniently connect with them through bulk Whatsapp Sender!

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