September 8, 2016

Download Online WhatsApp for Desktop Computer PC Windows

Get the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Software for desktop pc from one of the best Whatsapp Marketing Providers in the industry!

If you’re looking for a solution that enables you to run Whatsapp in your desktop PC or laptop so you can send massive Whatsapp messages to your list of contacts, then we have the solution for you!

Introducing: Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC

This is our ultimate desktop based Whatsapp Marketing Software that enables you to run Whatsapp in desktop PC so that you can send massive amount of Whatsapp messages to your list of audience. With this software, you can now use Whatsapp in Windows PC and start promoting the various products and services of your business!

Worry no more about sending multiple Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns through your mobile! With Whatsapp Bulk Sender for PC, you can now promote your business through your desktop which allows you greater control over all your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns.

How this Whatsapp Marketing Solution come into existence:

Prior to developing this Whatsapp Marketing Solution, we have received countless requests from clients who wished to optimize Whatsapp Marketing through their desktop. We have searched everywhere for an existing solution and we have found several options to choose from. The best solution that we found so far was to download Whatsapp for desktop PC along with Bluestacks and let these two applications run through the computer. However, one of the biggest nuances of utilizing this solution is that you can only use one Whatsapp number to facilitate your sending of messages to your list of clients. Not only that, this solution also requires you to manually choose your contacts before you can actually send them a message. This is therefore a huge inconvenience if you want to scale bigger amount of Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your database of prospects; not to mention you also need to monitor your messages and be careful not to exceed the 300 messages per day limitation. Otherwise, you will run the risk of your number getting banned by Whatsapp.

Our Whatsapp Marketing Solution will allow you to run Whatsapp on desktop PC and enable you to send unlimited amount of Whatsapp messages of text, image, video, Vcard, audio or a combination of these platforms to other Whatsapp users all over the world for free. With its numerous features, you can now communicate with your audience through your Windows PC or desktop much more conveniently!

This offer is good for the first 2,000 people only! Avail of this solution that runs Whatsapp in desktop PC now before our stock runs out!

Below is the list of the features of Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC:

  1. Numbers Registration & Management Option
    In this section, you have the option to register your Whatsapp channels, Import Whatsapp Bulk Channels, Export Whatsapp Bulk Channel and Check Whatsapp Numbers.
  2. WhatsApp Number Filtration Option
    You can load the CSV/ TXT files; generate number range in this feature. There’s also an option to export numbers on this section.
  3. Send Message Option
    This is where you can compose your Whatsapp messages, shuffle Whatsapp messages and export the list of your Whatsapp messages.
  4. WhatsApp History Option
    This is where you can find the report of delivery as well as find the messages that were exported.
  5. WhatsApp Chat View Option
    This is where you will find the Chat View and list view.
  6. Main Options
    This is where you can set up your number of messages and program these messages in the time and date of your choosing. Apart from that, this is also where you can change the MAC addresses with each Whatsapp channel.
  7. Other features
    Upon purchase of our software that runs Whatsapp in Windows PC, we will be providing you additional information about the other features of Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC.  

There are many practical uses of this Whatsapp Marketing Software. Essentially, you can use Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC when you want to send unlimited promotional messages to your list of prospects. You can also utilize this software to maintain correspondence with your team or even use this for personal reasons such as reaching out to your family and friends. With this software that runs Whatsapp in desktop PC, you have unlimited power to communicate with others!

Leverage Whatsapp Marketing in your business now! Contact us immediately by filling up the form provided below or through the details specified herein.

Why Whatsapp Marketing is your best tool to increase your income nowadays:

Ever since we started developing and distributing high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions to our clients, not only did we experienced noticeable increase in our income but we were also able to help countless client gain better understanding and application of Whatsapp Marketing in their own business.

Whatsapp Marketing is now considered as the most effective marketing strategies nowadays that paved way to unlimited increase in income for many business owners and professionals. Whatsapp Marketing is now widely used mobile marketing being applied by many marketers nowadays.

Whatsapp Marketing as a better alternative to SMS Marketing:

If you’re still using SMS Messaging in promoting your products and services, stop and switch to Whatsapp now! Whatsapp Messaging is better option if you wish to connect with your target market. Below are the reasons why:

  • With Whatsapp, you can send multi-platform messages to your list of contacts
  • You can reach anybody in the world through Whatsapp
  • You can send messages that are longer than 160 characters

If you want to create a more appealing marketing campaign, Whatsapp messaging is the more appropriate tool to use! With its ability to compose messages with text, audio, video, image and even contact based messages, you have the option to be as creative as you can be!

Contact us now to avail of this software that run Whatsapp in desktop PC. Again, we only cater to the first 2,000 people before we take down this offer. If you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity, contact us now!

Whether you are a business owner selling a product or a professional offering to extend your services to others, you can use our Whatsapp Marketing Software to promote your business.

Software Requirements

Before you can fully utilize Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC software, you need to download and install your computer with .Net4 Framework.

.Net4 Framework is a software framework which was developed by Microsoft Company. This software framework primarily runs on Microsoft Windows that includes a large class library that is known as Framework Class Library (FCL). This is also the software framework that provides language interoperability across several programming languages. Any new applications that are intended for the Windows platform need to have this software framework.

It simply meant that you need to have .Net4 Framework installed on your computer before you could use this Whatsapp Marketing Software that run whatsapp on desktop PC.

We included here a link that takes you to a page that allows you to download the software framework for free. If your computer doesn’t have the software already installed, you can just download it from there by clicking on the link provided. (insert link here)


If you decide to avail of our Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC Software, we will also provide you with INSTANT database support for free. This database is a list of Whatsapp contacts that you can use in your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns. Purchase our desktop based Whatsapp Marketing Software now and you can enjoy this additional product!

Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC Software and the list of Whatsapp Senders that we will be providing you with are great tools that you can use so you can immediately start with Whatsapp Marketing. Utilize these tools immediately so you can start enjoying the benefits of applying Whatsapp Marketing in your business!

There is no limitation of your income potential through Whatsapp Marketing. Avail of Bulk Whatsapp Sender for desktop PC now so you can start communicating with your target audience in the most convenient way possible!

FAIL PROOF WHATSAPP Marketing Solution

Adopt this Whatsapp in Windows PC Software now! Widen your database of clients by tapping on the multitude of Whatsapp users in the world! Contact us now so you can immediately take advantage of the opportunity that Whatsapp Marketing offers. Increase you income through using our Whatsapp Marketing Software that runs Whatsapp in desktop PC!

We spent many months perfecting this Whatsapp Marketing Solution because we want to help you gain success in Whatsapp marketing as many of our clients did. We are the best source of Whatsapp Marketing in town that offer various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as software, tools, Channels and many others which will immensely help you connect with your prospect and existing clients!

Witness the magic of this Whatsapp in Windows PC software in your business! Contact us now by filling up the form provided. You can also contact us through the following contact details.


If you wish to see a product demonstration, simply let us know and we will email you the links where you can watch the product demo for free.  

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