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Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing is the latest type of mobile marketing that provides people with location, time sensitive and personalized messages that promote company’s products and services.

If you’re looking to improve your system of sending out marketing campaigns to your list of contacts, switch now to Whatsapp Marketing!

Whatsapp Marketing is now widely recognized by many business owners and professionals as the most effective platform to communicate with their existing and prospect clients. It has been responsible for changing how businesses connect with everybody else. It differs greatly from SMS Marketing in a variety of reasons; such as:

  1. Whatsapp enables you to compose and send Whatsapp messages that are longer than 160 characters without added cost involved.
  2. Whatsapp enables you to compose and send messages with text, audio, video, image, Vcard and even a combination of these platforms without paying for any cost
  3. Whatsapp enables you to compose and send messages to other Whatsapp Users wherever they may be located in the world for free.

To increase your profits through sending Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your prospects and existing clients, you needed these two components:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing Software
    This is the tool that will enable you to send bulk Whatsapp messages that promotes your products and services to your list of contacts. We offer different kinds of Whatsapp Marketing Soft-wares available such as Whatsapp Bulk Sender and many others.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    These are pre-activated numbers that are registered online through Whatsapp Channel generator and are used to send messages to other Whatsapp users. It is also the solution that performs various automated activities.
    Whatsapp Bulk Sender is one of our company’s high-end Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software that enables business owners and professionals to communicate with their list of contacts better. If you want to reach a wider audience to promote your products and services, you need Whatsapp Bulk Sender in your system of business. Below is the list of features of this Bulk Whatsapp Sender:

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Features:

  1. You can add unlimited amount of Whatsapp Channels
  2. Whatsapp Bulk Sender have the ability to generate series of phone numbers that can be used for messaging
  3. You can filter active numbers that are using Whatsapp through this Whatsapp Blasting Software
  4. You can receive replies from your list of contacts and have the ability to response through this Whatsapp Marketing Software
  5. You can check “last seen” status of your contacts in the filtered active Whatsapp users
  6. You have the ability to send messages with text, images, video, audio, Vcard and even a combination of these platforms through Whatsapp Bulk Sender.
  7. You have the ability to send future dated Whatsapp messages which remains on top
  8. You will gain total control over all your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns at the option settings of this Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software.

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About us

Our company is one of the leading Whatsapp Marketing Providers in the industry and one of the best sources of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions like Whatsapp Marketing Plans, Whatsapp Channels, Whatsapp Marketing Software and many others.

All our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions have undergone series of quality tests and test runs that takes around many months before being released for sale. We also produce only the best Whatsapp Marketing Channels which are freshly generated, safe and secure to use.

Apart from offering you different options of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels, we also provide other materials such as webinars, tutorials and other tools that will help improve your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer.

WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices

We also provide you with tips and advices that would help you run a better and most importantly, a profitable Whatsapp Marketing campaign. We will also provide you with specific instructions on how you can build and promote goodwill between you and your prospect and existing clients. We will guide you on how you can encourage your target audience to respond to your bulk Whatsapp messages or Whatsapp Marketing campaigns. We will also help you on how you can promote offers and deals that will help generate hot leads and income. Lastly, we will provide you with ways on how you can maintain you Whatsapp Marketing Software and channels to make it last for a longer period of time.

Other Tools & Resources

We also offer different tools and resources like Data Extraction Software, Google+ Local Extractor, and How-To Tutorials on how to use this software to help improve your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer. These additional materials will help you maximize the power of your Whatsapp Marketing Software.

Training & Working Guide

We will also provide you with various Whatsapp Marketing Books, E-books and Guides that will better equip you with Whatsapp Marketing skills.

Whatsapp Marketing and Whatsapp Marketing Providers

There exists a noticeable increase in the demand of various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions because of the effectiveness of this platform to empower businesses in connecting with more people. The potential of Whatsapp Marketing will continue to attract more Whatsapp Marketing Providers to develop quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions in the future.

Our company differs in most of the Whatsapp Marketing Companies nowadays not only because we are the leading source of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software but we also provide INSTANT database support.

It is our aim that we will be able to extend the world of Whatsapp Marketing to those who are seeking for a solution that will help them connect with other people better. With our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions like Whatsapp Bulk Sender, countless businesses will not be able to reach a wider audience.

For business owners and professionals out there who are seeking to leverage Whatsapp Marketing Services in their business, contact us.

Our company is a team of Whatsapp Marketing experts that had already witnessed the incredible effects of applying Whatsapp Marketing in any type of business.

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Additional bonus:

As your Whatsapp Marketing provider, not only will we help you achieve better income level but also we will provide you tips and advices so that you will become successful through Whatsapp Blasting. Unlike our competitors, we value your input about the product we put together.

We want to help you reach your potential in improving your company profits as well as we will liberate you from the stress of dealing with other Whatsapp Marketing Providers that doesn’t only offer substandard Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but also doesn’t provide additional support.

When you purchase our Whatsapp Blasting Software, we will also provide you instant database support. This is a list of Whatsapp numbers that have already been filtered on our end so you only get those Whatsapp numbers that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

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Follow the following guidelines on how to download our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software.

To get your registration key, do these steps in order:

  1. Download our software from this site.
  2. Extract file using WinRAR extraction software
  3. Open WhatsAppBulkSender.exe
  4. Go to “Register” tab
  5. Copy & Paste your REGISTRATION KEY

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