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Revolutionizing Marketing with WhatsApp Business for all Customers

Whawoo harnesses the power of Whatsapp Business to create verified Green Tick business accounts for organisations looking to market their products and services to highly accessible customers which have a 70% response rate.

First you need a business number which is separate to your everyday mobile number. This can be an existing number or you can use a new dedicated number for Whatsapp Business.

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Get Your Free Business Number
We recommend an 0800 or 0330 non-geographical number.
Becoming Verified
Our Simple 4 Step Process
Step 1
Choose Your Business Number
Choose between an 0800 or 0330 Non-geographic freephone business telephone number
Step 2
Get Your Number Verified
Once you've chosen your free number, we will send you an Email and SMS text which will initiate the verification process.
Step 3
Download WhatsApp Business
Head over to the App Store and download Whatsapp Business. On setup you will be sent a verification code.
Step 4
Connect Business Number
Opt for the verification code to be sent via telephone. You can then start adding contact numbers from your phone once completed.
Screenshot showing the increased accessibility for linking a product to a company using a QR Code. Users can scan this QR code and they will recieve additional information about the product.
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Increased accessibility
widen your business influence with custom whatsapp qr codes

We can design QR codes for your product packaging and link them directly to your Whatsapp Business Account so customers can engage directly with your sales team during the purchasing phase.

This boosts the chances of consumers choosing your product over a competitors as you can answer questions using automated chat responses or via Live Chat.

You also have the ability to cross sell complementary products or send promotion material at a later date.

Whatsapp Marketing
The Complete Marketing Platform
Maximise Whatsapp's Potential

In a content saturated world, getting noticed is more challenging than ever. Despite being the most popular messenger app it remains underutilised for commercial purposes which means there is massive opportunity for early adopters.

Brand Recognition & Growth

We help businesses maximise the potential Whatsapp Business has to offer SME’s. We layer Software and AI on top of Whatsapp Business to automate sales workflows and create never revenue channels.

Getting Started

We firstly need to get your set up with Whatsapp Business using the API. We start by offering you a free trial to get you acquainted with how the software works and the features you can use to leverage your brand recognition.

Best In Class
the most powerful digital medium
Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app on the planet and shows no sign of slowing down with a double-figure growth rate YoY outperforming every other messaging App.

Whatsapp has won the Attention Battle amongst all other competing messenger apps. Nearly every sent whatsapp message gets acknowledged by the end recipient.

So why spend additional capital and resources getting the attention of prospective customers when whatsapp has already done it?

483.4M New Users
397.0M New Users
16.2M New Users
Infographic of phone showing how a business can be connected to their customers through whatsapp business.
ecommerce integration
Integrate ecommerce payment links for secure checkout through Whatsapp Business.

Close sales quicker by using Integrated ecommerce features which enable sales representatives to be assigned customers on a 1:1 basis to ensure sales get over the line by guiding customers through the sales journey.

Send automated targeted messages with direct purchase order links to reconnect with discontinued customers who have previous abandoned cart sales to boost otherwise lost sales.

Showcase your products and services in a mobile storefront and group similar items into collections to simplify the shopping experience.

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Use the largest worldwide messaging service to access new and existing customers and promote your products and services to achieve more sales and faster growth. We can help you create great content and build a strategic marketing campaign to ensure high open rates and maximise responses.
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