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Merge QR codes with Whatsapp to connect customers to your business instantly. Simply add dynamic QR codes to your physical products, which customers can scan to chat with our specialised customer agents or to your own internal helpline.
Adding QR Codes
Enhance your customers retail experience by adding QR codes to connect to whatsApp.
We Create Standout QR Codes

Your QR code should scream SCAN ME to the customer. Our custom QR Codes allow the customer to distinguish your product from other similar products. A key component to their final purchase decision may be a simple answer to a question they have about a certain product.

Going Beyond Standard Packaging

Your packaging can only contain so much information, so how do you store and communicate other vital information about your product? You store them using our QR Codes. When a potential buyer picks up a product they can scan the QR code and it will immediately connect them to Whatsapp.

24/7 Access & Support

Once connected, the user can ask their questions and an automated chat response will reply with the answer. If this doesn't satisfy their question they can then click through to speak to a Live Agent who will directly answer any question they have about your product.

Using videos to
promote your brand

Integrate videos to promote your brand and products which immediately load via the Whatsapp Chat when a customer scans the QR code on the product. This could be to explain how certain products work. A customer service agent can then follow up to assist the customer during the purchase journey.
Attaching information documents to your products

Attach documents such as catalogues or instruction sheets to Whatsapp chats which are especially helpful during a high value purchase to ensure the customer is kept on the sales journey.
Use AI / Live Support to answer any questions

Connect customers to automated chatbots which use AI to recognise the type of question being asked and then send an instant reply. If the question still hasn't been answered then customers are automatically redirected to a live person chat service agents.
Infographic showing a mobile phone scanning a product qr code and instantly bringing up all of the vital information for that product, all within a WhatsApp chat.
capturing vital data
Boost Sales by Gathering pre-purchase insights to send future targeted ads.

When a potential customer scans your QR code they are essentially opting into communicating with your business. This enables you to collect contact data and future spending habits of customers who are engaging with your products.

This is immensely powerful as you essentially have meta and content data about prospective customer purchasing behaviour which can be used to:

Upsell complimentary products and/or services to motivated buyers
Reconnect with customers who you are aware will be needing to make a repurchase of particular perishable products such as toiletries, food stuffs, health and beauty products and more!
Create targeted ads for future marketing campaigns
Mobile mockup of the data provided for insights on a customers regular spending activity for targetted ads.
global buyer insights
Using Global Buyer Insights and Leveraging Data to Optimize Sales

And if they do make the purchase you have a direct link to buyers anywhere on the planet where you can view data on the spending habits i.e. when customers are most likely to purchase particular products, the conversion rate from interest to over the counter purchase, how they are interacting with your product in comparison to competitors product.

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