Happy WhatsApp Marketing user who has just seen the traffic numbers for their business rise due to our integrated digital ads.
Targetted Ads
Digital Ads
Advertise effectively, create attention-grabbing visuals and persuasive messaging that targets your audience, driving traffic to your business.
This infographic explains how each lead can be pre-vetted to ensure their authenticity before being directed to a sales agent. To achieve this, multiple-choice questions are used to verify that the lead is not a bot. Once the lead is confirmed, they will be automatically redirected to a sales agent who is equipped with integrated checkout features such as Woocommerce, Shopify, or Opencart, allowing for an instant point-of-sale transaction to take place within seconds. This process is designed to streamline the sales process and improve the customer experience by eliminating the need for manual verification and reducing wait times.
Effective Bot Prevention
Digital Ad Creation
Completely Automated
Attracting Customers
Utilizing Whawoo's WhatsApp Integration for Seamless Customer Engagement

Whawoo can create engaging digital Ads which display on various social media platforms to capture the attention of consumers. Interested users can then click the Whatsapp Icon attached to the Ad which immediately redirects them to a WhatsApp chat with a chosen business representative ready to respond or an initial Chat Bot which can answer questions instantly.

Efficient Sales Pipeline
Automating Lead Verification and Checkout Processes with our WhatsApp Integration

Each lead can be pre-vetted to ensure they are genuine by asking multiple-choice questions to ensure they are not a bot. Thereafter the user will be automatically redirected to a ready waiting sales agent equipped with integrated checkout features such as Woocommerce, Shopify or Opencart to enable an instant Point-of sale in seconds.

Key Features
Critical Stages & Features of Digital Ads
Immediate call-to-action
Only 7 seconds is spent engaging with a product of interest. Whawoo's instant call-to-action increases the chances of a consumers reacting to an Ad rather than abandoning it.
Instant Point of Sale
Consumers which click-through from the Ad can be immediately greeted with a checkout option linked directly to the product being advertised to make an instant purchase.
Need a Title & Content
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Generate Click Throughs
Create a High Click-to-WhatsApp Ads using WhatsApp Marketing Funnel
This infographic explains how QR codes can be used to expand reach by connecting static media campaigns to WhatsApp Business. While WhatsApp Click-Ads are typically found on search engines or social media platforms, they only account for less than 50% of available marketing channels. To address this gap, Whawoo utilizes QR codes to connect static media campaigns from sources such as TV, posters, billboards, newspapers, and magazines to the WhatsApp Business Chat. By doing so, businesses can reach a wider audience and provide a more convenient and accessible way for potential customers to engage with their brand. This approach helps to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing channels, creating a more seamless customer experience and driving higher engagement and conversion rates.
Connecting QR Codes
Increased Customer Reach
Increased Engagement
Using QR Codes To Connect Static Media Campaigns With WhatsApp Business

The usual medium Whatsapp Click-Ads are usually found is on Search Engine or Social Media Platforms, yet despite their reach, is still less than 50% in terms of Marketing Channels. Whawoo uses QR codes to connect static media campaigns from sources such as TV, posters, billboards, newspaper and magazines to the Whatsapp Business Chat.

Utilizing QR Codes To Seamlessly Connect Ads With WhatsApp Business

This simply requires the user who has seen an ad to scan the QR codes which immediately directs them to a Whatsapp chat where a "land-bot" or human can behin interacting with them. The QR code can be specific to a particular campaign too, therefore if a user sees a print advert regarding Running Shoes for instance, a link can be generated using AI to direct them to a sales expert who specialises in the Running Shoe Department.

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