Infographic showing a happy WhatsApp Marketing user who has just recieved their green tick for becoming verified with WhatsApp Business.
Tick Verified
Business Verified
Green Tick Verification offers commercial advantages and boosts Whatsapp campaign success. Whawoo assists with verification and maintenance.
Benefits & Requirements
Why you should get your whatsapp green check...
WhatsApp Marketing can help your business gain the official Whatsapp Business “Green checkmark” badge which is visible in your profile, chat list and contacts list.
Business Verified
By being verified means your business name will appear instead of your phone number in your customers chat list when you send them a direct message, even if they haven’t added your business to their address book/contacts.
Brand Identity
This allows your business to expand it’s brand identity, no matter if it’s reaching out to potential customers or managing inbound enquiries using the Whatsapp Whaoo QR code or Widget Button.
Avoiding Spam
Messages cannot be reported as Spam either when your business is green-tick verified which means there is less chance of violating Meta’s terms and conditions and thus getting removed from the platform.
The Requirements
There are however pre-requisite requirements which need to be in place in order for Whatsapp Business (Owned by Meta) to grant approval to be a fully fledged green tick business.
What you're expected to evidence during your application
Whether your company has over 10,000 Facebook followers
Having at least 3 official media links (i.e. Website, newspapers, magazines)
Your Employee Count
Your Company Client Base
Your Company Revenue to Date
Verified Business Manager with 2-Factor Authentication
Your Company's Market Reach i.e. Local or Global Customer Base
Verification Process
Once all or most of the boxes have been ticked then...
...you can apply to be Green Tick Verified. The process usually takes 10-14 days however it has been known to take months so be prepared for the process to take some time!
Infographic showing the security behind the WhatsApp Business verfied process. Not all fields of business are accepted by Meta to accept their verification of authenticity.
Rejected Fields
You should note that not all business fields will be accepted to be verified
If you are initially rejected then you can apply again once 30 days has passed. Any company’s involved in the following industry’s are not eligible to be green-check verified:
  • Drugs
  • Tobacco Products
  • Betting/ Gambling Businesses
  • Alcohol Distributors
  • Weapons & ammunition Businesses
  • Live animals trading
  • Adult Products/ Services
  • Medical/ Healthcare Products
  • Dating Platforms
  • Cryptocurrency Platforms
Ultimately the decision process for approving a business is purely down to Meta and affiliates such as Whawoo have any bearing on the decision making process.
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