WhatsApp speech bubble of a happy WhatsApp Marketing user who uses the system for the 24/7 automated chat features.
24/7 Chat
Automated Responses
Create custom Automated Chat responses for all clients depending on their needs.
An infographic depicting how businesses can enhance their customer support using Whatsapp marketing powered by Whawoo. The image illustrates a centralised phone number that allows businesses to add multiple delegates who can be assigned specific roles based on their permissions. These delegates can then handle customer workflows and chats that require their expertise, all through automation. The automation system links delegates to pre-set tasks depending on the direction the end-user takes. Overall, this infographic demonstrates how businesses can streamline their customer support processes and improve their customer experience through the use of Whawoo's Whatsapp marketing technology.
One Centralized Number
Automated Task Scheduling
Dedicated 24/7 Support
Efficient Delegation
Automating Business Tasks with Whawoo-Powered WhatsApp Marketing

Using Whatsapp marketing powered by Whawoo , enables businesses to add multiple delegates using one centralised number. These Delegates can then be assigned roles based on permissions and carry out tasks when tagged into customer workflows or allocated specific chats based on their expertise. This can all be done using automation which involves linking delegates to pre-set tasks depending on the direction the end-user decides to take.

Streamlining Support
Using AI-Enabled Chatbots to Direct Queries to Qualified Delegates

For instance a user may want to book tickets for a concert or film and may be want to know about a particular safeguarding issue – by having a set of questions at the beginning of the chat enables the AI to direct them to the right delegate who can answer those specific issues. This process circumvents other unqualified delegates who otherwise may have been allocated the chat causing resources to be needlessly tied up along with a disgruntled customer who is being passed around aimlessly.

Key Features
Features of our bespoke automated
chat response system
Set auto-replies when no users are available
Your staff cannot work 24/7 however Whatsapp Business can. So if you take international orders you can use the auto-reply features to instantly respond to customers outside of business hours.
Customer Service Co-working
You can easily set up workflows when dealing with customer queries by assigning co-workers with particular responses based on their expertise or work-load to create a harmonious working environment.
Shopping Cart Abandonment Minimisation
70% of all purchases are aborted and products left in cart. Our cart feature can alert your customers about abandoned carts and win them back to make a purchase from you using the Chat Feature with automated links.
An infographic illustrating the benefits of using a customer service robot during peak times of the year, when customer enquiries can become overwhelming. The image depicts a helpful and friendly robot that can efficiently handle inbound customer enquiries, without falling behind or compromising on response times. This can help to prevent frustration amongst customers, leading to better satisfaction ratings and external reviews. By using a customer service robot, businesses can ensure that their customer service remains efficient and effective, even during busy periods of the year.
Chatbot conversations
Automate conversations with instant chatbot replies

Customer service can be an intense and demanding job, especially at peak times of the year when your busy selling lots of product or service. It’s easy to soon fall behind with inbound customer enquiries if your relying solely on live chat agents - before you know it, your response times are getting longer and longer and customers begin to get frustrated. And that’ll hurt your customer satisfaction ratings and external reviews.

An infographic showcasing the benefits of using Whawoo's client service, specifically chatbots for WhatsApp. The image depicts a robot automating responses to customer enquiries, collecting leads, answering simple questions, and directing customers to the right customer delegate. This technology is designed to assist existing customer services teams, making their job more efficient and effective, while ensuring that no messages go unnoticed. By using Whawoo's chatbots, businesses can streamline their customer service operations, reduce response times, and improve their overall customer satisfaction ratings.
Chatbot automation
A little automation goes an extremely long way.

Using Whawoo client service means we can activate chatbots for WhatsApp which collects leads, answers simple questions, and automatically forwards customers to the right customer delegate. It is essentially designed to assist your existing customer services team and not replace them so that they can do their job more effectively and to ensure messages do not go under the radar.

An infographic highlighting the benefits of using Whawoo's on-demand customer service agents for businesses that are heavily focused on products and may be underequipped to handle inbound customer enquiries. The image depicts a professional and vetted customer service agent who can answer general enquiries and escalate more complex matters to one of the business's own agents. This allows the company's staff to focus on really important enquiries, making them more effective overall. Whawoo's agents use tags to call upon the internal team to answer questions directly, providing seamless customer service to the end-users. By leveraging Whawoo's on-demand agents, businesses can ensure that their customer service remains efficient, effective, and responsive, even during periods of high demand.
Vetted Whawoo Customer Agents Available To You On Demand

Whawoo can also deploy vetted customer service agents on Demand for your company. So if your heavily product focused and underequipped with dealing with inbound customer enqurires, then Whawoo can deploy our own agents which answer questions on your behalf. They can also be used as a first line response to general enquiries and then escalate them to one of your own agents if the matter is more complex. This then allows your staff to deal with really important enquries making them more effective. Our Whawoo agents use tags to call upon one of your internal team to answer questions directly.

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